This processing produces a glass resistant to impacts, particularly adapt to domestic uses. Safety and high quality standards: these are the fundamental characteristics that distinguish the our toughened glasses, with serigraphies or silvering, straight or curved. In the full compliance with the European directives, the toughened glasses keep unaltered also after the processing, their characteristics of transparence and linearity.


This processing includes the treatments that the glass can receive on its edges and on its surface, such as drilling, flat polished grinding and laser engraving. The use of numerically controlled machines allows the execution of shaped and straight bevelling and engraved grinding of any shape and drawing.


The experience gained, in the now almost last 30 years, on this processing made exclusively by hand by highly skilled experts, made possible the production of glasses and mirrors today soldered with innovative techniques.


The high quality of each serigraphy is guaranteed by the toughening of the glass which allows the vitrification of special paintings. This process makes the serigraphy resistant to any type of abrasion. Thanks to the technologies used – automatic printing machines and toughening furnaces – Masetti Glass has a high manufacturing capability. The company is therefore able to offer a vast range of serigraphies and decorations in order to meet any demand.


During the bonding process, special adhesives are used which polymerize with the U.V., therefore sealing to the glass different materials, such as metal, aluminium, wood and plastic.


The result of this process, which uses colored ceramic pigments applied and then melted on the glass sheet, are heavy color and satin enamelled glasses. The toughening process associated to the enamelling, produces the vitrification of the enamel, which becomes resistant to scratches and abrasions.

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